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"Dhaulagiri-2008" Kazakhstan-Ukraine expedition


Kazakhstan expertsDhaulagiri-2008 expedition of Trekking Club (Ukraine/Kazakhstan) 
 The second Himalayan expedition of Trekking Club have started on April 12, 2008. The aim of the mountaineering mission was to reach a summit of Dhaulagiri peak 8167m, by North-East ridge without using of oxygen. 
A team consisted of:
Alexey Raspopov – guide and expedition manager, Kazakhstan . Experience: Kanchenjunga , Nanga-Parbat, Ch-Oyu, Shisha-Pangma etc.peaks
 - Igor Kushnir – member, Ukraine . Experience: Cho-Oyu, Khan-Tngri peaks.
 - Vadim Popovich – member, Russia . Experience: K-2, Khan-Tengri, Blok peaks etc. 
  A base camp was set at a height of 4700 meters above sea level, at a glacier. All the acclimatization marches as well as route-handling works started from BC. 
Kazakhstan experts  Definition of the project included a phase of studying of a recent 2007 Cho-Oyu (8204m) peak climb successful experience. The mountaineering expeditions to the peaks over 8000 meters above sea level need a careful preliminary work on planning and schedule setting. As well as each member need to be in a perfect physical condition, for sure.
 Dhaulagiriis seventh highest peak of the world, located in a South branch of the main Himalayan ridge. The original meaning of  Sanskrit word “dhavala” is “white”, and “geree” means mount. So, the name of the mount describes best its form.
 In the beginning of XIX century Dhaulagiri was a highest known peak of the world, but the mountaineers discovered it as a climbing peak only in the early 50s of the XX. The first successful climb (reach of the summit) was done on 13th May of 1960.
Kazakhstan experts
Kazakhstan experts
Kazakhstan experts
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