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"Land of Irbis" multi-sport adventure event


explore KazakhstanA six-days multi-sport competition for the advertising action ”Land of Irbis”

A multi-sport adventure race ordered by the “Derbes” brewery was presented in Autumn 2006, by Trekking Club team, and included the following elements: 
  - a speed-climbing to a mountain top in Zailisky Alatay (over 4000 meters above sea level) 
  - a rafting by Ili river 
  - an archery tournament (target) 
  - a horse-riding competition with the elements of map navigation 
  - mountain-bike riding combined with a GPS-orienteering 
  - rock climbing competition with “speed” and “complexity” ranges 
explore Kazakhstan
  - construction of a traditional kazak “yurta” house
  An event was planned and presented in 7 days, and all the stages were held in different places and geographical zones from glaciers to semidesert, according to the customer’s request. Further to a scenario agreed, all the remote sites were activities took places, though were concentrated in Almaty oblast (region).
  16 race participants were living in a very comfortable mobile base camp taking 3-meals a day. A team of Trekking Club professionals was not only doing with a logistics and transport, as well as a mobile camping providing, but also organized the activity itself, refereeing and safety/security tasks.
explore Kazakhstan
explore Kazakhstan
explore Kazakhstan
explore Kazakhstan
explore Kazakhstan
explore Kazakhstan
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