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How do we cook: outdoor meals and catering


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Outdoor catering is one of the fields we are good in: much of rally races, multi-sport championships and mass peak climbs are served in Trekking Club big tents and supplied with food and snacks from our kitchen. Our main aim is not only to cook and cater clients somewhere outside far from the city, but to make any meal a real festival in smart and comfortable marquees.
 In order to organize your outdoor party in a best way, we will equip a site with all necessary gear: tables, chairs, vivid and light utensil, appropriate washstands and lighting. At a highest level, in any season we are ready to serve companies from 10 to 200 people at once. MORE IN DETAILS

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In case we are to serve a tent camp that is used for a long period of time, we never loose a chance to present our best outdoor cooking service: better choice and bigger range of dishes at a buffet, more food intakes and a stand-by tearoom with fresh bakery.
 This kind of service is presented at our Turgen Safari-campsite, at scout summer camps and in many-days races.
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Are you still associating your trekking with dehydrated and canned monotonous food from the backpack? Let us show you how Trekking Club professional guides do so that you could imagine a great variety, easy serving, aesthetics and beauty of the dishes that sometimes seem to be more restaurant food than just a hiking lunch pack. 
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