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The Sovetov peak


The Sovetov peak (4317m)
  climbing in tien shan
This peak is situated in the area of the Big Almaty Lake. The route of the ascent begins at the lake and follows in the direction of the coniferous forest where the tent camp is set. On the following day the tourists ascend the crest and walk along the crest up to the summit. The route isn’t technically difficult except for the pronounced difference of heights.The descent is performed down the same route.

The tour lasts 2 days. 

  June - October
 Duration of the whole tour
  2 days
 Duration of the ascent
  7.00 hours
 The maximum height
  4317 meters above sea level


   Day 1          
    9.00   start from Almaty
   12.00  arrival at Big Almaty Lake
   15.00  setting the camp. Night in tents.
   Day 2
    7.00   breakfast
    8.00   beginning of the ascent
   12.30  reaching the summit
   15.00  descent to the camp
   17.00  arrival at the lake
   19.00  drive back to Almaty
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