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Weekend trips: the top tour list 09.07.2017
weekend trips Almaty


Well, you’re in Almaty and you have just a week, or even few days to explore the nature, attractions and culture of the region…

This page is designed to help you with scheduling of you superb holiday in Kazakhstan!

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Day hiking tour from Almaty 01.06.2017

hiking Almaty

Day hike options from Almaty
Great experience guided by experts, within reach
Easy to book!

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Group tours: summer-2017 schedule 28.05.2017

group tour Almaty

Open group tours with fixed dates

Summer-2017 season
Join and enjoy!


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Campsite in Turgen 25.05.2017

camping Turgen
Trekking Club safari-camping in Turgen is open on 1st June:

- riverside buffet
- big private tents, luxury furnished
- authentic Skiff sauna
…and plenty of activities!

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3 steps to the top 01.12.2016
climbing in Tian Shan



How to climb a peak in North Tian Shan with Trekking Club team

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