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Trekking Club camp in Turgen 01.06.2024

Trekking Club campsite in Turgen gorge

Our camp is open again on 1st of June!

Your best glamping vacation:

•   fully furnished safari-style tents
•   Scythian sauna, riverside buffet
• great opportunities for biking, hiking and relax

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Assy Plateau & Turgen waterfalls trip 30.05.2024

Tour by Assy and Turgen
Tour to the Land of Nomads

Great week-end option for those interested in a wild nature, immense landscapes of highland Assy Plateau, Kazakh nomadic culture and glamping

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Weekend glacier tour 20.05.2024

Weekend glacier hiking tour
Discover mountains and glaciers around Almaty in 2 days:

• Shymbulak peak ascent
• Glacier hike
• Overnight at a cozy alpine cabin

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Explore Charyn Canyon, Kolsai & Kaindy Lakes 01.05.2024

3-day tour Charyn, Kolsai and Kaindy
3-day offer covering all famous destinations of Almaty Region: Charyn canyons, Kolsai lakes and Kaindy with "sunken" forest.
Includes a hike to Kolsai-2 Lake and comfortable guesthouse accommodation

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Trekking in Tien Shan 29.04.2024

trekking in Kazakhstan
Trekking in Tien Shan

5-day trekking tour along the beautiful Turgen valley. 
Virgin nature, perfect service with a real tent camping under the glaciers.

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