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Week-end mountain trip 11.05.2021

Week-end trip to high mountains
Discover high mountains around Almaty in 2 days:

► Shymbulak peak ascent
► glacier tour
► overnight at alpine hut
    (at 2600m ASL)


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Dzhungasky Alatau - the last frontier 28.04.2021

tour in Dzhungaria
Dzhungarsky Alatau
The last frontier of virgin nature

High mountains, crystal air, emerald valleys and famous Zhetisu rivers

4-day itinerary from Trekking Club

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Trekking by Turgen 15.04.2021

trekking in Kazakhstan
Trekking in Tien Shan

3-day hiking tour along the beautiful Turgen highland valley

It more than adventure - it is a great experience guided by experts, within reach

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Summer adventures 01.04.2021

7-day Golden Ring tour around Almaty
Great Almaty Circle

The best 7-day trip, which includes everything you search for in Kazakhstan.

Highland lakes, glaciers, canyons, deserts and nomads

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Mountaineering school and courses 15.02.2021

mountaineerinh school and courses in Tien Shan
Snow, glacier and rock climbing courses in Tien Shan

Mountaineering school with accommodation at Trekking Club alpine hut at 2600m ASL

Professional guiding: guaranteed by Alexey Raspopov

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