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Winter weekend in Almaty 02.02.2022

Week-end trip to high mountains
Discover high mountains around Almaty in easy and comfortable way!

Check out our 2-day package option, which includes glacier and trekking peak hikes.
► Overnight at a cozy alpine lodge!

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Day hiking options: waterfalls in winter 15.01.2022

Day hike to the Kairak waterfall
Winter is a great time not only for skiing, but also for hiking and backcountry

Check out how amazing the famous Turgen waterfalls look under the snow!

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Book your spring-2022 adventure! 20.12.2021

7-day trip by Almaty region
Full range of blooming landscapes and activities: week trip by Almaty region.

From deserts to highland lakes, thru the canyons and amazing waterfalls

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Day glacier hike from Almaty 01.12.2021

Glacier hiking tour
Day hiking guided tour to the glacier

Enjoy private and smooth service with transfers, professional guides and great views!

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Mountaineering school and courses 24.11.2021

mountaineerinh school and courses in Tien Shan
Snow, glacier and rock climbing courses in Tien Shan

Mountaineering school with accommodation at Trekking Club alpine hut at 2600m ASL

Professional guiding: guaranteed by Alexey Raspopov

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