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1.Visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan

To enter Kazakhstan, foreign nationals and individuals without nationality will need a visa unless exempt under international treaty.

The Kazakh visa must be pasted into a passport or other identity paper recognised in Kazakhstan and must be valid for travelling. The visa shall give the right to enter and stay in Kazakhstan and exit from it or transit across Kazakhstan.

Depending on the purpose of stay, foreign nationals can get a visa of one of the following types:

Tourist visa - granted to foreigners visiting Kazakhstan as tourists.
Business visa - granted to foreign nationals visiting and staying in Kazakhstan on business (business trip, participation in business negotiations, symposiums, conferences, bids, contract negotiations, participation in expos and fairs, trade deals on international traffic, consulting and auditing services).
Private visa - granted to foreigners, travelling to and staying in Kazakhstan on private trips. 
Investor visa - granted to investors (namely chief executive officers and top managers or representatives of big foreign firms and companies) involved in investing into the economy of Kazakhstan, as well as to members of their families.
Work visa - granted to foreigners travelling to Kazakhstan for work.
Student visa - granted to foreigners travelling and staying in Kazakhstan for studies, study tours, internships etc..
Transit visa - granted to foreigners with no right to visa-free transit to cross Kazakhstan.
Medical Treatment visa - granted to foreigners travelling to Kazakhstan for medical treatment, medical examination, advice etc..
Diplomatic visa - granted to holders of diplomatic passports, holders of international institutions’ passports or national passports, if they are staff members of international institutions (this visa also covers members of their families and members of the families of diplomats working for foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Kazakhstan, government officials, parliament members, noted public and political figures, honorary consuls and members of their families).
Official visa - granted to holders of official passports, holders of national foreign passports working for foreign diplomatic missions and other offices and international institutions (not diplomatic ones), as well as foreign nationals visiting on business or public trips by invitation from diplomatic missions and international institutions accredited in Kazakhstan. 
Permanent Resident visa - granted to foreigners travelling to Kazakhstan for permanent residency.

2. Visa issuing

To secure Tourist, Business, Work, Medical Treatment, Student, Investor and Diplomatic visas, foreign nationals (or individuals without nationality) must contact the Kazakh diplomatic mission/consulate in the country of residence and submit:

- Valid passport (or international travel document). The passport should expire not earlier than 3 months upon expiry of the respective visa
- Copy of letter of invitation - indicating the number of a visa support letter issued by the Department of Consular Service of the Kazakhstan MFA;
- Written application - instead of a letter of invitation indicating the visa support letter (only for nationals of states referred to in Appendix 4 to secure single Tourist, Business, Diplomatic and Service visa to be valid for up to one month).
Currently the issue of granting a double entry tourist visa valid up to 60 days on the ground of written applications of the citizens from group of countries indicated in Appendix 4 is under consideration

- Completed visa questionnaire
- (available on official resources)
- One photo 3.5 х 4.5
- Proof of consular fee paid
- The consul reserves the right to request other documents.

Tourist visas granted to nationals of the third states under national Kazakhstan law and the Kyrgyzstan law relating to entry, stay and exit from the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Kyrgyz Republic, shall give holders the right to freely enter and exit during visa validity period via multilateral crossing points in districts of the Kyrgyz Republic’s Issykkul, Talas and Chu Provinces and in districts of Kazakhstan’s Almaty and Zhambyl Provinces adjoining the Kyrgyz Republic, except for areas where access by foreign nationals is restricted (the list of states of which citizens are allowed to enter on Tourist visas to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is currently being defined).

3. Migration cards and registration
Important: when entering the country over land or sea and staying longer than 5 days, you need to register within 5 days at the Migration Police, with a Migration card. Some hotels and hostels are authorized to register foreigners as well. 

According to the new rule, announced in April, 2016 visa-free travelers do not need to register anymore (more exactly, they now get the registration when cross the border, just upon arrival at a passport control). 

3a) Migration Card
While entering Kazakhstan each foreign national aged 16 or over will be given a Migration Card.

Migration Card form shall be issued:

  • At the Kazakhstan national border crossing points by the frontier guards of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee and by customs officers (Crossing Point Officers) where there are no border control points

  • While travelling by air and sea by air/sea vessel crews; while travelling by rail by members of train crews; while travelling by public or personal vehicles or on foot by national border Crossing Point Officers.

When crossing the Kazakh national border on documents which do not require marks or stamps at the border control point, foreign nationals can use - for this purpose only - their migration cards. In all other cases, migration cards/passport will be marked/stamped.

Registration shall be done by the interior officers by filling in the Registration column. Registration shall be certified through signature of an officer and by a stamp of the migration police department.

Entry shall be made legibly and if corrections are made, the respective qualifications shall be made.

Registration shall only be carried out at the place which the foreign national contacted first.

Migration Cards shall not be granted:

  • to individuals whose passports are to be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and its offices;

  • individuals having the Kazakh diplomatic, official and investor visas;

  • crew members of air, sea and river vessels;

  • staff of train crews (including refrigerating vessels and locomotives) and to individuals escorting goods being carried by rail;

  • passengers of trains transiting across Kazakhstan, drivers of vehicles, involved in international motor traffic.

Foreign nationals transiting around Kazakhstan with tickets where a settlement outside Kazakhstan is indicated as the final destination shall not be given Migration Cards. For instance, if a foreign national is travelling by train from Astrakhan to Dushanbe with a ticket from Astrakhan to Khiva or from Astrakhan to Dushanbe, he or she shall be obliged to fill in the Card.

If a foreign national arrives at the crossing point to go through border (customs) inspection while exiting from Kazakhstan without A Migration Card, or is not duly registered, Crossing Point Officers shall send him or her to the interior authorities for further investigating before granting the respective documents to him/her.

Foreign nationals arriving to exit Kazakhstan with expired registration or without Migration Cards during the period not requiring registration (and if there are the respective border crossing markings), may be allowed to cross the border by order of the Crossing Point Officers of the crossing points, if they fail to exit on time for reasons out of their control (acts of God, weather, illness, transport failures etc).

Foreign nationals that did not receive Migration Cards at national border crossing points shall be given them while being registered. If a foreign national applies for registration having no Migration Card, the interior authorities shall check if he/she legally resides in Kazakhstan, then the foreign national shall be given the Migration Card and be registered. In doing so, the migration police department shall put visa (passport) stamp in the Entry column. Foreign nationals to be deported shall be given the Migration Card and shall be registered for a period required to exit from Kazakhstan, with the Deportation entry made in the Entry column.

If the Migration Card is lost or unintentionally damaged, the foreign national must inform the interior authorities within 3 working days. The interior authorities shall grant duplicated Migration Card marking registration after the applicant is checked.

Migration Cards must be returned when exiting from Kazakhstan.

To clarify the procedure for filling in Migration Cards, each national border crossing point shall have a special memorandum

3b) Registration and other rules 

In accordance with Kazakh law, a foreign national arriving in the country for over 5 days, must apply within five calendar days upon crossing the Kazakhstan national border to the country’s interior authorities for registration at the place of his/her permanent or temporary residence.

Some hotels are authorised to register foreigners.

Registration shall be done for a period not exceeding the validity of the foreigner’s national passport and visa.

Individuals arriving in Kazakhstan from countries that have entered into international agreements (with Kazakhstan) on visa-free entry and stay shall be registered for no more than 90 days - and later the registration may be extended for another 90 days. (Appendix 7)

Foreigners who have been permitted to work - applying procedures for employing foreign workers established under law - shall be registered for a period during which such a permit is valid.

Passports of nationals of Australia, Austria, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Korea, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, UAE, Portugal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, USA, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan shall be registered at the same time the offices of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad grant the Kazakh diplomatic, official, business, tourist or private visa.

However, if for some reasons nationals of the above-mentioned 35 states have not been registered with offices of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs abroad, then their passports shall be registered by border inspection departments of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee’s border authorities at the national border crossing points (arriving via 13 international airports of Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Uralsk, Atyrau, Aktau, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Kostanai, Aktyubinsk, Shymkent, Taraz, Semei). Similarly, if for some reason a foreigner fails to get registered while crossing the national border at the crossing point, he/she must register with the migration police department of the Interior Ministry at the place of temporary residence.

To be registered, an application must be filed in set form and include an ID document – dated and stamped at the national border crossing and a migration card granted by the Kazakhstan border authorities.

Foreign nationals may move freely in the Kazakh areas not restricted for access. To visit restricted areas like Gvardeyskij Township in Almaty Province or Baikonyr Town in Kyzylorda Province, permits from designated authorities are necessary.

If a foreign national changes his/her place of temporary residence in Kazakhstan, the hosting corporation or individual shall be obliged to notify the country’s interior authorities in writing.

The permitted residence of foreign nationals in Kazakhstan and registration of their passports shall expire on the last day of the visa validity period and with respect to those foreign nationals who entered without visa those shall expire on the last day of the registration validity period.

4.VISA-FREE Regime

Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to visit Kazakhstan: 

90 days: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, 
Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia
30 days: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Ecuador, Serbia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey

14 days: Hong Kong 

Additionally, following countries got visa-free for 30 days
Kazakhstan dropped visa requirements for visitors from certain countries for a test period from July 15, 2014 until July 15, 2015. An expanded version of the visa test phase lasts from July 16th 2015 until December 31st 2017:
In accordance with the Government resolution dated 23 December 2016 № 838, citizens of following countries may enter and exit Kazakhstan without issuing visas if the period of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan does not exceed 30 calendar days:
- Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America


5. The list of the states, whose citizens are not required to get visa support and provide invitation letters for obtaining single entry A1, A2, B1, B2, D1 and G1 visas, as well as single and double entry F1 visas 

For a 1 month tourist visa, no letter of invitation is needed if you are a national of one of 47 countries (below) with easy visa procedure.
If you are not a national of one of these countries, or you want a different type of visa, you will need a letter of invitation (LOI) from a Kazakh tour operator.

The Commonwealth of Australia, The Republic of Austria, The United States of America, The Kingdom of Belgium, The United Arab Emirates, The Republic of Bulgaria, The Federal Republic of Brazil, The Federal Republic of Germany, The Hellenic Republic, The Kingdom of Denmark, New Zealand, Japan, The State of Israel, The Jordan Hashemite Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, The Republic of Iceland, The Kingdom of Spain, The Italian Republic, Canada, The State of Qatar, The Republic of Cyprus, The Republic of Korea, The Republic of Latvia, The Lithuanian Republic, The Duchy of Lichtenstein, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Hungary, The Malaysian Federation, The Republic of Malta, The Duchy of Monaco, The Kingdom of Netherlands, The Kingdom of Norway, The Oman Sultanate, The Republic of Poland, The Portuguese Republic, Romania, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Republic of Singapore, The Slovak Republic, The Republic of Slovenia, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Republic of Finland, The French Republic, The Republic of Croatia, The Czech Republic, The Swiss Confederation, The Kingdom of Sweden, The Republic of Estonia

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