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Week-end tours from Almaty


Well, you’re in Almaty and you have just one week, or even few days to explore the nature, attractions and culture of the region…As experienced travellers say, “all you need is a good plan”, so this page is designed to help you with scheduling of you great holiday in Kazakhstan. Hereunder you will find various tour options for 1, 2 and 3 days. There are hiking, wildlife & bird watching, culture & history exploring, climbing, jeeping trips on the list. Some itineraries include more than one location and activity type.
They are
easy to book! Just send a message to info@trekkingclub.kz  We are also happy to support with info on Kazakhstan, so feel free to contact us.
Travel hacks from Trekking Club:
...looking for a wildlife camping? Dreaming of a private “bungalow” inside a forest? Ready to escape to nature? Then try one of Trekking Club outdoor lodges!

 in summer period, the Turgen campsite: comfortable big tents furnished with beds, garden group, lighting and private piece of nature. Wild spruce grove, clean river and amazing landscapes of the Turgen gorge – one of the biggest in North Tien Shan. We serve buffet at a riverbank, 3 meals a day.
 all year round, the Alpine hut in Touyuk-Su gorge at a height of 2600m ASL. Located at a foot of the glacier, the hut is the best choice for those who want to have a great panorama of Tien Shan peaks over 4.000m outside of the window. A small comfortable lodge perfectly fits the needs of mountain hikers, climbers and mountaineers. Keep staying above the clouds!

If you have 1 day..

day hike Almaty

► Glacier hiking trip: Manshuk glacier

 Day trip to Charyn Canyon

► Day hiking trip: Kairak waterfall

► Day trip to Tamgaly petroglyphs

 Climbing of a peak of 4.000m



If you have 2 days..

trips from Almaty

► Trip to the Nomad's land + Kairak waterfall hike

► Lodge based trekking in Touyuk-Su: glacier hiking+Shymbulak peak

► Tour to Charyn canyon via Issyk and Bartogay lakes
► Kolsay and Kaindy lakes journey

► Trekking by Turgen



If you have 3 days..

trekking in Kazakhstan

► Adventure & history trip: Assy plateau, Turgen hike, Issyk lake

► Trekking by Turgen, 3 days

► Great circle: Charyn canyon + Kolsay lakes + Kaindy

► Trip by Altyn Emel Park: Singing Dune, Aktau mountains and Bes Shatyr



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