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Trekking by Turgen ravine, via Kairaksky waterfall


trekking in Kazakhstan
 Almaty – Turgen gorge – confluence of rivers Kishi-Turgen and Turgen – Big Kairak waterfall – Dzhailau – upper reaches of Turgen river - confluence of rivers Kishi-Turgen and Turgen  - Almaty
 June - October
 Duration of the tour
 2 days
 Average walking time per day
 4-5 hours
 Difference of heights
 Category of difficulty
 Interesting to see
 Big Kairak waterfall and Turgen ravine with its mossy fir-grove
 What to take with you  list of necessary gear/clothes for trekking
    Day 1 Have started early in the morning from Almaty city, we follow the motorway in the direction of Turgen ravine, passing by Issyk village. The main road goes through famous Turgen trout farm, and after a short stop at National Park entry gates we continue driving up to Batan point where the asphalt road ends. Here, at a confluence of rivers Kishi-Turgen and Turgen the pedestrian part of our trekking starts.
By beauty old earthroad we follow up Turgen riverbed, without essential ascent. The road ends at a big glade, at a confluence of Turgen and Kairak rivers. Another one kilometer of a good path trough pine forest – and a great view of majestic 45-meter high Kairak waterfall appears. After a short stop at a waterfall viewpoint, we will follow the path that goes by the right slope of a gorge. 
After some time of trekking through mountain ash brakes, we meet another ground track that will take us to a camping place. There are 2 hours of walking from waterfall to a camping place. At the height of 2250 meters we make a tent camp. 

    Day 2
Next morning, after a breakfast and camp packing procedures, we start wading in Kairak river. Our track that rise at a far bank, cross a very gentle slope in West direction, along a timberline. There is a great view of a main ridge, its glaciers and peaks, appears from the path. After a brief ascent to the intermediate pass with a height of 2500m, we start descent into Turgen gorge. There are 2.5 hours of walking from the first camping to upper reaches of Turgen river. After a lunch on a way back, we just follow down Turgen river main flow by fine path that will take us to the confluence of Turgen and Kairak rivers. Another 2 hours by well-known ground track, and we reach Batan where there is a car waiting for us to take us back to the city.  
The trekking route is not difficult, without any technical parts and covers three climatic zones.


trekking in Kazakhstan
trekking in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan nature
trekking in Kazakhstan

Want to see Turgen 2 days trekking in bigger scale

trekking in Kazakhstan

Group prices:

                           Number of persons in the group
  Price for the individual service
(1 person)
Price per person in a group of 2-3 Price per person in a group of 4-8
Total cost of the program $490.00 $265.00 $230.00

The price includes:
 - transport from Almaty city to the start place and back
 - mountain guide(s) services
 - National park fees and permissions
 - rent of bivouac equipment: living tents, portable gas kitchen gear, tableware etc.
 - foodstuff for all the period of trek 
 - safety in trek: emergency satellite connection, GPS monitoring with GPS spot

The price does not include:
 - porter services. It means that all the weight of common gear (like tents, food, gas etc.) will be divided between all the members including guides, and will have to be carried all together
 - rent of personal clothes, boots etc.

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