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Active kids: adventures for children


scout camp

Have you ever enjoyed a real outdoor living, when every day comes with a new adventure and there is nothing to worry about? 
Would you like your kids to try it?

What is this?                                  

 It is an outdoor-trip: either a day-hike or “Adventure birthday party”, or a real outdoor camping
 of 2-7 days with an incredible scenario

  Group size and age limits

 Groups of 5-30 persons, aged 6-16 years

   When to go?

 The best season for outdoor camping is March – October. 
 The place depends on a season and purpose: it can be a pictorial Ili riverbank (Tamgaly Tas),
Trekking Club Turgen camp, or the mountains!


   How is it organized?                                           

For the outdoor sessions with kids we provide appropriate infrastructure:

- tent camping (both extra-comfort and normal accommodation is available): double 4-season tents, mats, warm new sleeping bags
- outdoor catering: dining and kitchen tents and marquees, tables, chairs, all necessary kitchen gear, tableware, cooking services. We serve amazing buffet!
- additional and sanitary points: bio-toilets, washing stands, lighting and electricity, fire pits etc.
- transport: minivans or bus
- safety: in all the tours we always have satellite connection, GPS-spots, first aid kits, custom transport and additional communication means (walky-talkies etc.)
- all special gear and equipment, according to the itinerary: orienteering games (GPS, maps, compasses, walkie-talkies), “survival games” (outdoor cooking devices, shelter and teepee parts, ropes etc.), special gear for outdoor activities like rock climbing, rope parks, trolley parks etc. (ropes, carabineers, personal safety kit – helmets, harnesses, gloves , slack-lines and other), archery (bows, arrows), metal detectors and much more.



Whatever you want for your kids: it can be an amazing birthday party plan, or you may want your class/group to camp outside for 2-7 days

The following outdoor activities are in the top rating:
- orienteering games/quests with using of maps, compasses, photo-tasks, GPS, walkie-talkies etc.
- rock climbing and other rope activities like “canyoning”, slack-line, trolley etc.
- “treasure hunting” games with metal detectors and adventure hurdle tracks
- trekking and hiking to the glaciers, in Steppe
- “survival” tests and games: shelter construction, outdoor cooking
- archery with special kid's bows and arrows
…and, of course, evening fire with marsh mallow! 

   Who we are

We are a team of professional guides and instructors with a common sense of “happy outdoor living”. Being the experts in outdoor adventures, we are proud to say that almost half of our experience is gained in different projects done for kids: scout camps in Turgen, Tamgaly Tas and Medeo since 2007, outdoor sessions for the international and local students, kid’s fests etc.

There are no strict limits, but we feel that the most appropriate age to explore the nature in such an active way is 6 to 16 years. We like working with curious people so always pay attention to safety (for example, we keep the ratio: 1 instructor per 4-5 kids).


active kids

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active kids

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