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The Amangeldy peak


climbing in Tian Shan
 The tour lasts                           
 1 day
 June - September, January - February
 Duration of the whole tour        
 11 hours
 Duration of the ascent
 9 hours
 The maximum height                
 4000 meters above sea level

The summit (4.000m ASL) is situated in the Maloalmatinsky ravine. The route of the ascent begins in the region of Touyuk-Su and follows along a ground road in the direction of Manzhilky weather station. Then it turns upward in the direction of the peak past the Alpinegrad. The final part of the ascent is performed up the abrupt rocky slope with the help of mountaineering equipment.  The descent is performed along the same route.

 start from Almaty
 start from Touyuk-Su
 reaching the summit
 arrival at Touyuk-Su
 drive back to Almaty
climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan
climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan
climbing in Tian Shan

Tour price:

1 - 2 persons in the group - 250 USD for a group
3 - 4 persons in the group - 330 USD for a group

The price includes:

 - transport from Almaty to Touyuk-Su and back
 - mountain guide/instructor services (1-2 guides per group, depending on climber's qualification)
 - rent of climbing gear, common (ropes, carabineers etc.) and personal set (harness, ascender, helmet, descender etc.)

Price does not include: 

 - snacks/lunch and drinks for a climb
 - rent of personal clothes, shoes 
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