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Mountaineering school in Tian Shan


climbing in Tian Shan
Hereunder we are glad to present a mountaineering school that is arranged on regular basis in Zailisky Alatau.
The number of classes, rock and ice-climbing courses, ascents and theoretical lessons provided by professional guides and instructors is the fundamentals and essentials of mountaineering. The program is flexible and can be adjusted to the client’s schedule.

 The place
  Trekking Club alpine hut in Touyuk-Su, North Tian Shan
 Season                            all the year round
 Schedule   your choice: basic 5-7 program with accommodation in the hut, or week-end day courses
 Duration of 1 lesson   5-6 hours a day
 What do I need to bring/wear?   list of clothes and gear for training
The set of lessons and schedule are to be prepared for the separate groups individually (depending on the level of members), but the main program for the beginners will include the following issues:
  1. Set of rock climbing courses, themes:
    • Special rock climbing equipment, full review
    • Special knots, its types and functions. Rope handling and use.  
    • Fix ropes climbing and self-belaying.  
    • Belay modes and methods on rocks.
    • Liaison of members in one rope on rocks
    • Climbing of different rock relief
  2. Set of ice climbing courses, themes:
    • Ice walking with ice-axe and crampons 
    •  Belay and self-secure methods on ice 
    •  Glacier crossing modes 
    •  Crevasse rescue methods
  1. Rescue modes in group, themes:
    • Transportation of a victim with using of improvised means 
    •  Transportation of a victim by difficult relief 
    • Self-rescuing in a group of two
  1. Theoretical course, themes:
    • Dangers in mountains 
    • Impact of high altutude 
    • Planning of a climb and expedition, timing

     5. Arranging of bivouacs and camps in extreme conditions

Climb(s) of a peak in North Tian Shan (Zailisky Alatau area) is also included in the program 

The basic program takes 6-7 days, with accommodation in Trekking Club mountain lodge in Touyuk-Su gorge (2700m).  Additional lessons and climbs can be also included in the standard course, by request.
There is an opportunity to continue education for those who has basic skills already – in this case the program will be prepared in strong accordance with needed issues.

climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan
climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan
climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan climbing in Tian Shan
Price of 1 day of School:

1 person (individual service) -  220 USD
2 persons in the group - 150 USD per person per 1 day of School
3+ persons in the group - 135 USD 
per person per 1 day of School

For the School we provide:

-         Transport up to the place of lesson and back

-         Foodstuff for all members (3 meals a day), according to the program

-         Instructors and guides service

-         Rent of all necessary special and common gear

-         Accommodation in Trekking Club mountain lodge

-         Rent of camping equipment (living tents, kithen set, gas etc) for camping at a glacier 

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