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Trekking Club became a winner of “Zhasyl Zhol – trip to a native land” award


A “Zhasyl Zhol – trip to a native land” award is established by Ecoturism recourse information center. Its main aim is to improve an image and enhance attractiveness of domestic tourism market of Kazakhstan , as well as strengthening of partnership relations between local tourism companies. An award’s purpose is creation of an interesting and quality touristic product, for local and foreign travelers, too.
There were more than 37 applications in 6 nominations were considered by jurymen. After a count of points that also took into account the juror’s opinion, the winners were chosen in each nomination.
The Trekking Club Company became a winner of “Zhasyl Zhol – trip to a native land” in a “Touristics companies” nomination with a score of 14 points from a maximum 16. The following services were mentioned in our corporate work in 2012: social responsibility, local market directivity, children youth projects.
An award ceremony and presentation of prizes and certificates will take place in the main hall of “Atakent Expo” building, during Aril Kazakhstan Tourism and Travel Exhibition-2012.

Zhasyl Zhol” award

Any touristic company, agency or department, guest houses, institutes and nongovernmental organization working in a local Kazakhstan ’ tourism field may take part in the competition. The award is established for the companies that realize a necessity to contribute in a local tourism market, and to do it in a steady and ecological way.

A competition includes 6 nominations:
- regional tourism departments
- national parks and reserves
- nongovernmental organization doing with local tourism and conservation tourism
- touristic companies doing in a local tourism field as well as working with foreigners comping to Kazakhstan
- youth projects and institutes
- mass media 
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