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Tour by Djungarsky Alatau, 4 days


Tour bu Southern Dzhungaria mountains
  Almaty - Saryozek - Kugaly - Keskenterek riv. - plateau - Borokhudzir riv. - Osek rivers - Zharkent - Almaty
 June - August
 4 days, 3 nights
 Service  All inclusive: jeeps with drivers, tent camping, private guiding, meals, water, National Park fees etc.
 Schedule  Tours on request (no group schedule/planned trips)
 You choose the dates and book a trip for you/your group

    Day 1

  Dzhungarsky Alatau is a mountain range in the eastern part of the Almaty region. Nature here has not yet been touched by civilization: the huge mountain rivers are clean, the air is crystal, wild animals are not shy and take pictures with pleasure. There is a special, mild microclimate, due to which the jailauas remain green until late autumn, and the herbs delight in any season. You can find geographic information about Dzhungarsky Alatau HERE.
  Having reached by jeeps from Almaty to Saryozek, we turn towards the deserted Altyn-Emel. But, not having time to breathe in the hot air of the steppes, we find ourselves in the fertile Kugaly valleys. Vegetables and honey from this region are famous throughout the country - they are especially fragrant and tasty. The valley, along which we will drive for many kilometers, stretches in fields and meadows to the very blue Dzhungar mountains in the distance. Here and there one can see the majestic Scythe burial mounds - these places were settled and appreciated by people many thousands of years ago. Overnight on this day will be in a picturesque meadow on the bank of the Keskenterek River - far from civilization, under a huge sky. 

     Day 2

  Today we have a trip to the country of nomads and mountain dzhailyau. We will climb a green gorge, bypassing the forest zone to the level of alpine meadows. Here, at the top of the mountain plateau, we will enjoy the majestic views of the Dzhungarskiy (Semirechenskiy Alatau). There is also a memorial complex to Kazakh soldiers who died in the wars with the Dzungars. This is not just a city monument, but a real ancient burial place of those who fought for these lands several centuries ago.
On the descent from the plateau, we will once again attest to the uniqueness of our nature: from this side of the ridge, views of completely different landscapes open. Those green lush meadows are no longer there, but swampy lowlands with rare black storks appear. And later we will find ourselves on the rocky bank of the Borokhudzir River. This is another face of Dzungaria - so different, but always beautiful. Overnight in the shade of willows and poplars on the shore. As usual, a beautiful, comfortable camp with a hot dinner and gatherings by the fire awaits us. 

     Day 3

  On this day we have to move to the valley of the Usek river. Having descended into civilization for a short time (we will pass through the village), we will again find ourselves far from people. Having reached the very confluence of the Bolshoi and Maly Usek rivers along a dirt road, we will find ourselves in a sacred place where ancient history is intertwined with modernity. Here, right from the slope of the mount separating the two rivers, healing springs flow. People from all over the region come here in search of healing diseases. Only natural springs - there are no buildings or restrictions for those wishing to taste medicinal mud.
  On the other side of the hill there is a unique "gallery" of rock art in the open air. Huge boulders with wonderful designs carved by our ancestors lie on the slope and await new admiring discoverers. Only here you will see the rarest images of meter-long wild boars, as well as wolves, deer, goats and horsemen. After an eventful excursion, we settle in our comfortable camp for the last overnight stay in this tour.  

     Day 4

  Today we will complete the tour of Southern Dzungaria, descending from the mountains and visiting the famous mosque-pagoda in Zharkent. The hook is small, but the famous mosque and the wonderful town of Zharkent will not leave anyone indifferent.
  After lunch - a long (but not tiring in our comfortable cars!) way home. 

Dzhungarsky mountain panoramas wild vultures touring by Dzhungaria
camping Zhetisu rivers rock carvings in Osek
Dzhungar Alatau Buddhist stupa lakes of Dzhungarsky Alatau


Tour price:

1 person (individual service) - 1450 USD
2 persons in the group - 790 USD per person
3+ persons in the group - 760 USD per person

Price includes:

- jeeps for the entire route: driver and gasoline are included in the price
- comfortable camping, 4 nights: living tents, mats and sleeping bags, dining and kitchen gear, tableware, lights, etc.
- meals (5 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts)
- drinking water
- private guiding: English-speaking guide, which follows the group all the time
- all hikes/excursions according to the itinerary
- National Parks fees

Price does not include:

- menu does not include alcohol/soft drinks and snacks
- rent of personal clothes, shoes
- personal expenses (calls, souvenirs etc.)
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