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Bogdanovich glacier trek


Hiking to Bogdanovich glacier

 Bogdanovich glacier

The highest route on our list. The trail starts at Talgar Pass (3200m), which you can reach with a cable car from Medeo. The trail passes the zone of glaciers with almost no vegetation. In the beginning it goes along the left side of the gorge, by the ground track. Then comes to the left side moraine of the glacier. Here the path becomes invisible (looks like it's lost), but with the help of stone pyramids you can trace its further direction. After about 1 hour of hike, the path comes to the middle of the gorge, crossing around a large rocky ledge from the left. Then it comes to the tongue of the glacier by the right side of the mountain valley.

Along the way you will admire the views of Chkalov and Fizkulturnik peaks, covered by "hanging" glaciers called Ayak and Til. The tongue of the glacier offers a stunning panorama of the northern walls of the peaks Komsomol, Amangeldy and Pioneer.

The route is available only in summer and early autumn. In spring and winter it becomes dangerous as it passes under the slopes overloaded with snow (high avalanche danger). 

 Season   June - September
 Distance one way  6,5 km
 Ascent/eleveation     400m
 Descent   400m
 Highest point  3600m
 Lowest point   3200m
 Trekking time  4-6 hours
 Difficulty  moderate

Bogdanovich glacier hiking map

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