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Glamping, camping in Kazakhstan


Glamping in a Trekking Club style

Trekking Club camp in Turgen gorge

What is glamping?

Glamping is a glamorous camping, i.e. comfortable outdoor staying in tents. This is a modern, eco-friendly and very comfortable way to escape from the city to where you can listen to the sound of the river all night, wake up with a view of the mountains around. Where you can sit by the fire and walk through the deep forest knowing that in the evening you will enjoy a wood-fired Scythian sauna, a hot dinner and a cozy bed. At the same time, only the canopy of the tent will separate you from the wild.

Glampings are different: with accommodation in tents, domes, modular houses, trailers. In recent years, various types appeared in Almaty region. For sure, it is worth trying different options, because once you have tasted it, you will no longer be able to live without such mountain “retreats”.

If you haven't tried yet, then you may start acquaintance with glamping style holiday at the Trekking Club camp in Turgen gorge. We can proudly say about our campsite that it was the first in Kazakhstan, and remains one of the best in Central Asia, as evidenced by the awards (finalist of the World Green Destinations TOP 100) and guest reviews. Some of our guests are coming to the camp for more than 10 years, and we are pleased to show them their own reviews, left in the feedback book in 2009.

Want to join? Welcome!

What you need to do: (spoiler - quite a bit)
• start with looking at our website, CAMPING section - there is detailed information about where we are and what you can do at a camp. Look at the photos in the gallery, get inspired before the trip
• decide when you want to come and contact us in any convenient way - call, write thru messenger, email or Instagram
• come and relax ☺


What is Trekking Club camp?

It is a private natural territory in the Turgen Gorge, 2 hours drive from Almaty. Our camp is a huge forest "island", fenced off from civilization by a turbulent river on the one hand and the slopes of the Assy plateau on the other. It really is an island! Cars remain in the parking lot on the shore, and you can get to us only by crossing the suspension bridge, the idea of which we spied on in Nepal.

By the way, we have been awarded the title of the most environmentally friendly tourist destination in Kazakhstan: we get electricity for camping needs from solar panels, hot shower runs on natural gas, area lighting is on diode lamps with solar recharge. To save energy, sensors are installed in common areas, water is filtered after use. There are no buildings in our forest, we do not spoil the landscapes - the entire infrastructure is made of tents only. And it is safe here: a remote-controlled alarm system is installed on the bridge.

suspension bridge

How to get to the camp?

It is not difficult to get to the campsite, from the center of Almaty to us there is an good asphalt road. You can come by any transport, even by bicycle, if you can pedal 70 km)

Drive into the parking lot, cross the bridge and immerse yourself in the natural world. The bridge is open only for our guests, neither other visitors of the gorge nor passing cars will interfere with your rest.

The route map is on our website at the bottom of the page.


How to accommodate?

On the other side of the river new, large and very comfortable camping tents are waiting for you. They all (15 in total) designed to accommodate two people. Our tents are real two-room "houses" with lighting, beds, wicker furniture and a canopy. Each tent is located on a separate glade within the island, which allows you to use the infrastructure of the camp, while feeling free and private.

inside tent


What about food?

A real retreat is your personal time in the absence of worries about food and householding. That is why we provide accommodation at a full board basis - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hot tea after the hike. Drinking water from a healing spring. Everything that will allow you to forget about the routine for a while.

Three times a day you will be welcomed in our large cafe-tent on the riverbank, with hot buffet meals. You will always have a choice of freshly prepared dishes: for example, for lunch we serve the soup of the day, two main meat courses, two different side dishes, salads, a tea table with sweets.

We do not have strict rules on the time of meals: we only indicate the period when the buffet is served and coordinate the details with you - for example, rescheduling lunch time if you went for a hike.

canteen tent


What to do at a camp?

We have a small rope park for children and adults, a forest cycle track and bicycles for rent, a fire zone with nice fire pit, sheds for private gatherings, barbecues, a Scythian sauna in a teepee tent, a hot shower and buckets with ice river water. There are plenty of options for recreation in any format.

Ideas for...

Families, couples, groups of friends - go for a walk in the forest, you can even ride a bike. Try yourself together with children on a slack-line. Take a look at one of the famous waterfalls of Turgen. If you have an SUV, then be sure to go to the Asy plateau (the road starts above the camp). After a busy day, visit our authentic Scythian sauna and leave the evening for gatherings by the fire on the shore.

For those looking for relaxation and unity with nature - rest in hammocks (we have a hammock zone in a spruce forest), allow yourself a beautiful picnic on the shore with panoramic views. Watch the night sky - as you know, the surroundings of the Assy plateau offer the best opportunities for observing the Milky Way; precisely for this reasonthe astronomical observatory is located here. Take a walk! Go to the Kairak waterfall, the largest of the Turgen cascades. The trail is extremely beautiful and very comfortable - perhaps this is the best route for clearing head.

Whatever you decide to do, you will definitely know that these days were not in vain - because you have become a little closer to nature. In the conditions of glamping, this is especially pleasant, because everything goes with comfort.

evening fire at a camp


How much does it cost?

Don't be put off by the glamorous name of this type of holiday - it's not that expensive. Just book your vacation in advance - our forested island is huge (several tens of hectares), but we limit the number of guests to maintain privacy and your personal space to be with nature.

You can find the prices of the current season on our website in the CAMPING section.

By the way, on the territory of the campsite, we also conduct off-site quests for children and adults. Having booked one of the summer days, you can come to us for a day with a group of friends or colleagues, hold a team building or adventure game and have a delicious meal! 

Scythian sauna

Tours that can be combined with accommodation at a Trekking Club camp

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